Congress 2014

"Many nationalities and companies of a different size are found in AMICE. This wide diversity generates lively and interesting discussions. Each company is impacted very differently by Solvency II."

Anna Morales Ballus
Mutual Medica, Spain

Congress 2016

"For me the Congress is very interesting as most of my members are very small and are not up to date on innovation processes.

It is good to see how other mutuals behave and I hope to use this to convince my members to get into the new world."

Monika Köstlin
Verband der Versicherungsvereine auf Gegenseitigkeit e.V., Germany

Congress 2018

“The Congress is a good opportunity for members to share real, concrete examples and experiences. This is so much more valuable than institutional presentations."

Serge Jacobs
Ethias, Belgium