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The Association of Mutual Insurers and Insurance Cooperatives in Europe (AMICE), is the European representative organisation for the mutual and cooperative insurance sector. AMICE advocates for appropriate and fair treatment of all mutual and cooperatives insurers in a European Single Market.

AMICE represents members in 20 countries across Europe. It provides a platform for members of all sizes to combine resources and expertise, exchange experiences across national borders and discuss planned legislative and regulatory developments. The AMICE membership plays a strong and valuable role in contributing to policyholder security in Europe, assisted by their unique model.


AMICE has 78 full members including four national associations of mutual insurers. These associations represent a further circa. 700 mutual and cooperative insurers. AMICE has also two associate members and three supporting members.

AMICE full membership is open to mutual and cooperative insurers in Europe and their national associations; associate membership is open to certain categories of European organisations promoting mutual and cooperative principles; and other interested parties may request supporting member status.

AMICE’s membership includes insurers of all sizes, from some of the largest European insurers to some of the smallest, and all lines of business including life, pensions, non-life (both commercial and personal lines), health, agriculture and reinsurance.



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To build and grow the value and status of the mutual and cooperative insurance models in providing stability and security for European people, businesses and institutions, ensuring the long-term success of our members for the benefit of the wider community.


To advocate, promote and ensure the fair treatment of mutual and cooperative insurers in a changing European environment, and deliver services to the AMICE membership to promote knowledge and collaboration for their continuous advancement.



Embrace diversity of membership, bringing together insurers from different European countries, of different sizes, structures and directions, who are united under the banner of mutuality and cooperation.


Membership accountability to their member / policyholders; AMICE’s accountability to its membership.

Sustainable and ethical

Uphold high ethical standards for the benefit of AMICE members, member / policyholders and society in providing long-term security for our members and wider society.


Promote excellence and leadership in conducting our activities, providing service and delivering results.

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